The Balancing Act - Modern Women

The Balancing Act: Modern Women With the Same Drive, Different Lifestyle

The Balance, Mounds & Triumphs of the Modern Woman Who Has it All ave we not all heard the phrase, “she has it all” which is commonly descriptive of the woman

Ladies, Let’s Do This! Here’s How We Can Effectively Close the Gender Pay Gap [Action Required!]

CNN Money article highlighted the wage gap difference between women and men in the United States: Women earned 79.6 cents for every dollar men made in 2015, according to data


Girls Trip Movie

Watch the Hilarious Trailer to ‘Girls Trip’ [New Movie]

Who remembers this song? "Where my girls at, from the front to back, and if you feelin' that, put one hand up, can you repeat that, tryna take my man, say

Love by the 10th Date

SPOILER ALERT! Check Out This Recap from the Movie, ‘Love By The 10th Date’ (Guest Post)

othing gets me in a more comfortable, chic and cozy space than curling up with a glass of wine to enjoy a romantic comedy. It’s a bonus when the flick