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Black Girls Rock!

Annually, BET hosts an empowering, invigorating show called, Black Girls Rock!

Black Girls Rock! is a non-profit organization that encourages young black women (ages 12-17) in our communities to embrace and love themselves. The organization aids in promoting self-confidence and self-worth for all the young girls who may feel powerless or hopeless.

The program also encourages young women to be confident and strong and offers various programs to enrich their lives and their minds.

The show highlights the accomplishments, contributions and leadership of women of color who have made great strides in their communities and businesses and who serves as great role models for our young women.

One of the guest speakers this year is our FLOTUS, Michelle Obama! Mrs. Obama always has great, inspiring speeches, check out an excerpt of her speech from the show:

Challenges will come… When things get hard, that’s not always a sign that you’re doing something wrong, it’s often a sign that you’re doing something right – because those hard times are what shape you into the person you’re meant to be.

Yes, yes – well said Lady O! So true, right? Let know what you guys think. Comment below. What challenges have you been faced with and how have they shaped you into becoming a better person? We ALL face challenges, hurdles and obstacles, so don’t think you’re alone!

For more information on the show and the organization, visit

Black Girls Rock is scheduled to air Sunday, April 5th on BET.


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