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Helpful Financial Tips

Hey Guys!

We all have read articles over and over how and why it is so important to have a solid budget. Unfortunately, managing money was not embedded in my genes so I had to really work hard and find new ways to manage money. When I saw a post on my Face book feed today regarding budgeting tips, I immediately knew I wanted to share this new insight with you. In the article, the financial expert breaks it it down as, “Mrsplanahead” and MrSpenditall”. In my marriage, I am the MrSpenditall. My husband is the complete opposite, which works out great.

In the article, they use charts and different scenarios on how to save money and how to properly apply it to any debt, emergency funds, etc.

After you read the article HERE, let me know which category you fall in and why?

Sound off below. Don’t be shy 🙂

Happy reading!

Veronica Green
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