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Rihanna drops new single on Tidal – ‘American Oxygen’

Hey Guys –

Rihanna performed her new single titled ‘American Oxygen’ yesterday at the 2015 National Collegiate Athletic Association March Madness tournament.

The song, however, is only available on Tidal (Jay-Z’s new music streaming company).

If you want to listen to the new song, Tidal has a free 30-day trial. I think I’m going to sign up for the trial since it’s free – why not? That way it will give me a chance to scope out the service to see if it’s worthy of my $19.99/month. They do have a basic service of $9.99/month, but since I love music so much and very particular about the clarity, the $19.99/month plan will be my best option.

I currently have a trial plan with Spotify and I must say I am a very satisfied customer. Any song I want to hear, whether new or old, is available and the site and mobile app is very user-friendly.

I also have an account with Rhapsody – I have been with them for about 10 years! These past two years their service has not been the best. I have not canceled because my hubby has his playlist set just like he wants it and I don’t want to mess that up for him (I’m a good wife, huh :-)) We both agreed to do a trial with Tidal, and if he likes it, he will subscribe. Me, on the hand, I want access to both Tidal and Spotify because as of now Tidal is only exclusive to select artists.

I’ll keep you guys posted! Let me know if you do the 30-day trial and your experiences with it.

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