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Erykah Badu releases new film on Tidal

Hey Guys –

Whose a Erykah Badu fan? (My hand is raised)! Me! But the biggest Badu fan to date is my best friend, Audrey. She loves all her work and music.

The Baduism talent released a black western film, with an all-star cast, exclusively on Tidal this past weekend. Has anyone watched it? Here is what reported:

Erykah Badu debuted the short Western film, They Die By Dawn, exclusively on Tidal on Saturday, April 4.

The 50-minute movie — directed by The Bullitts’  Jeymes Samuels — portrays real-life experiences of African-American cowboys and cowgirls. The all-star cast includes Badu, Michael K. Williams, Rosario Dawson, Jesse Williams, Isaiah Washington, Giancarlo Esposito, Nate Parker, Bokeem Woodbine and Karry Lennix.

Tidal seems to be climbing up the popularity chart everyday! Seems like they are releasing new material every second of the day….first Beyonce’s new single, then Rihanna and now Ms. Badu!

Jay-Z has reportedly removed some of his music catalog from Spotify and transitioned to Tidal. All of his music is now available on Tidal.

As I said in a previous post, I plan to sign up for the 30-day trial so I can see what it’s all about. You can check out the full article HERE.

Smooches! ♥

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