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Checkers burger chain coming back to Houston!

Hey Guys –

I’m feeling good right now! Why? Because food is involved! LOL!

Checker’s is making its way back to Houston, TX! Yessss! Not sure if any of my Houstonians remember, Checkers was here years ago, but they canceled the Houston market. The reason remains unknown. I remember my mom, sister and I would visit Checker’s every weekend. Their burgers are delicious and their fries are one to beat!

They are scheduled to have at least five locations built by December’15 in the southwest Houston area. I’m here for that!! Check out the link from the Houston Chronicle for more information.

Do you remember Checker’s? Are you excited their coming back to H-town? Share your comments below!

Veronica Green
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4 thoughts on “Checkers burger chain coming back to Houston!

  1. Wait…………Hold up. Stop! I missed this. They are bringing Checkers back to the H? I use to have one right around the corner from me. I always hated they never had a Dine-In but that’s what was remarkable about it. It was a Drive-In. It was soooo different from other fast food joints. You could literally walk up to the front of it and order and pick your food up. Just like an old school burger joint. Yeah, those French fries were like no other.
    Checkes: Burger-Fries-Colas…. Cant wait to welcome you back to the city?

    1. My family and I went there every Saturday! So goooood! I can’t wait! We should be expecting them in Houston later this year – I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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