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Urban Movie Channel

Hey Guys –

Apparently, I missed this one – a new digital urban movie channel? I saw the ad flash across my Twitter feed and I was like, “wait, what?” Have you guys heard about this? It’s been out for a few months now. Was their a lot of buzz going on about this? How did I miss this?? Better later than never…….

The Urban Movie Channel is like Netflix but includes a library of urban movies. I checked out the site and it is nicely built and user-friendly. They have all types of genres, ranging from comedies, documentaries, action, horror, etc…all within the urban circuit.

BET founder, Robert Johnson, launched the movie subscription last year through his company RLJ Entertainment. According to a article in USA Magazine, here’s what Johnson was quoted saying about the movie launch:

“UMC was designed so that the African American and urban creative community could directly reach consumers in a way that removes many of the restrictions associated with the legacy content development and distribution models,” Johnson said in a statement. “As more video is consumed over broadband, we believe that we can quickly become the preeminent provider of quality urban entertainment to what has largely been an underserved, yet highly engaged audience.”

They are offering a 14-day trial so check it out HERE if you’re interested. Their monthly service is $4.99/month or $49.99/annually. They also have exclusive offers, like giveaways, signed movie posters by actors, etc.

Check out their intro video here:

So, let me know, what do you think? Will you subscribe to the free trial?

Smooches! ♥

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