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‘Bye, Felisha!’

Hey  Guys –

For the past couple of years, when we are trying to “dismiss” someone who is getting on our last nerve, what do we say? “Bye, Felisha!!’

Do you know where the expression came from? It came from the movie Friday, which was released 20 years ago…yes, 20 years ago!

Well, the actress (Angela Means) who played Felisha had a chat with Sister to Sister magazine (read the full interview HERE) regarding the phrase and how she is overwhelmed with the response of that famous expression.

Oh, and get this…F-e-l-i-s-h-a is spelled exactly how it appears in this post….we’ve been spelling it wrong all this time!!! LOL!! And…get this, too – she said “bye, Felisha” was not in the script, Ice Cube was going with the vibe of the scene and that how the famous expression was born.

If you have never saw the movie, check out the ‘bye, Felisha!’ clip here:

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