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The ‘Sons of Empire’ grace the cover of Essence Magazine

Essence 1Hey Guys –

Empire is has been hot on the press this week, right? First, we found out they are returning to the Fall lineup on FOX and now the “sons” of the show are on the cover of one of my favorite magazines, Essence!

The shows popularity has literally skyrocketed in a matter of months!

The guys are very handsome on the cover….I’m loving the vacation view background.

Check out the Essence article HERE!

Get your copy on newsstands (or digitally) May 15th!!

What do you think?

Smooches! ♥

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Veronica Green
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2 thoughts on “The ‘Sons of Empire’ grace the cover of Essence Magazine

  1. The Essence cover is amazing! I am so happy that they are portraying how beautiful Black is and can be. Bryshere would definitely get the business….. I’m just saying!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jen!
      LMBO!!! Yes, girl – he is a sexy one! So much sex appeal…LAWD!! They did individual covers, too. The consumer can pick any cover they want. Cool. I subscribe to the NEXT Magazine Digital service and I can’t wait for this edition to pop up! I wanna read all about them!

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