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Jamie Foxx’s New Album: Hollywood

Jamie Foxx 1Hey Guys –

So we all know Jamie has been around for a long time. He has so much history with the entertainment business ranging from In Living Color to an Oscar winning performance for the movie Ray. He also has a few albums under his belt and now he is ready to release his 5th studio album – ‘Hollywood.’  Extra TV interviewed Jamie about his new album and here is the story behind the album title:

“Foxx also explained the meaning behind the title of his album. “Hollywood is a bit of a mislead, it’s about when I am dating a person, I think it’s all great, and she went Hollywood on me, meaning she led me to believe it was something else. We’ve all had that in life — someone is with us and we are thinking this is what it is, and they go all Hollywood on us.”

The album will feature his track with Chris Brown, “You Changed My Life.”

Hollywood will be available everywhere 5/18 BUT can you pre-order NOW!! Who’s downloading the album?

I like the meaning behind the album…let’s have an open discussion about this – how many people have you dated that went “Hollywood” on you?

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