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Janet Jackson – New Music Announcement!

Hey Guys –

This past weekend I did a post on social media about Janet’s new music announcement and I am screaming with happiness, excitement and anticipation!

Janet is a pioneer in this business and what she provides as a musician never gets old. Her tenacious spirit keeps us wanting more and more. She can disappear for months, a year, or 10 years and we still get butterflies when she re-surfaces. She is a true entertainer and I can’t wait to hear new music and see her great performances.

When I think of Janet, I associate her with the good times in my life because of her dedication to the art – she is a hard worker and it proves thru her dynamic performances! I used to wish that I could  dance like her but then I realized it is her God-given talent, not mine! LOL!!

She tweeted out a message on her birthday with the following tweet. You can listen for yourself to see what she had to say about new music, a world tour, and a movement! Yessss Janet! I’m here for that.

I’m assuming her album name will be #ConversationsInACafe based off the tweet.

Janet’s last studio album was 2008’s Discipline.

Ok, I know you want to comment, so how many of you are waiting for Janet and her new movement?!? What’s your favorite Janet performance?

Smooches! ♥


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