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Tina Campbell’s Solo Music and Book

Tina Campbell 2Hey Guys –

Besides me, whose a HUGE fan of the gospel duo, Mary Mary? As you are aware, Erica Campbell released her solo project last year it was a huge success, with Grammy winning hits like, “A Little More Jesus” and “Help!”

(Drumroll, please!) Now, it’s time for Erica’s sister, Mrs. Tina Campbell, to introduce her solo talents to the world! Tina released new music and a new book – the book is titled, ‘I Need A Day to Pray’ and the album is titled, ‘It’s Personal.’

If you kept up with their reality show, Mary Mary, then you know Tina experienced a very emotional and public time in her life when she discovered her husband, Teddy Campbell, was being unfaithful with multiple women. Tina’s album and book reflect her feelings during that time. Per WeTV, here’s what Tina had to say about her book:

“In hopes of helping others, Tina’s book (which started as a journal), I Need a Day to Pray, helped Tina find her silver lining. She tells Cocoa Fab, “I figured that if that’s what I used to heal, then perhaps somebody else can use it to heal.”

Tina’s marriage is back on the road to recovery after several months of praying, counseling and communication.

I heard both the album and book is amazing! I can’t wait to download them.  I am not surprised because she is very talented, her voice is amazing!

Tina’s album and book  is available now everywhere!

Share your thoughts? What do you think about this?

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