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New Show: Boris & Nicole

Hey Guys –

As I regularly look thru my social media feed, it is common that I flash across this hashtag….#RelationshipGoals. Women love relationships, period. We love it when a man loves and desires us. We love it when a man provides and professes his love for us. And, of course, we offer the same in return, plus more!

Now, on to my blog topic – whose familiar with Boris and Nicole? Well, let me give you a little history:

I know Boris and Nicole from the Showtime series Soul Food (June 28, 2000 – May 26, 2004). Boris and Nicole were love interests on the show and eventually got married in the final season. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this show! The acting was phenomenal, and the character developments were even greater. If you did not see this series, you can buy or stream the seasons now on Amazon (Seasons 1-4  by clicking on the links below) Let me know what you think – you won’t be disappointed.

Soul Food – The Complete First Season

Soul Food: Season 2

Soul Food: Season 3

Soul Food: The Final Season

Now, fast forward 15 years later… Boris and Nicole are married (2005) with two kids in REAL LIFE! Yes! They fell in love on the Soul Food set – great love story, right?

Even after Soul Food, they have acted together in shows like Second Time Around and The Real Husbands of Hollywood. They are now, once again, doing another show together called The Boris and Nicole Show, a lifestyle show discussing parenting, relationships, etc. And, celebrity guests will be on the show as well. I love this couple, can’t wait to see the show!

LOOK! They “favorited” what I sent out about their new show:










A summer test run of the show premieres July 6th on FOX! Whose a fan of this couple and whose tuning in? Do you have any #relationshipgoals? Let’s discuss!

Smooches! ♥

Veronica Green
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