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Tamera Mowry-Housley graces the cover of American Baby

Hey Guys –

I love babies! Love’em, love’em, lov’em! Can’t enough of their cute little bodies and that baby smell…so heavenly.

Tamera Mowry-Housley (and her unborn child) graces the cover of American Baby for July. She looks so beautiful and amazing. Pregnant or not pregnant, I will rock that jumpsuit. It’s so summer-ish and full of fun colors…and you know I love colors!

This is Tamera’s second child with hubby Adam Housley (they are such a cute couple.) They are having a baby girl who is due next month (time is ticking!) Tamera has the (3) names in mind for babygirl Housley but she wants to see the baby first to see which name will fit…makes sense, right? The baby’s name will begin with ‘A,’ like her son and hubby – Aden and Adam. Check out this article to read more about Tamera’s pregnancy chronicles. All the mothers-to-be will be inspired. She’s such a classy woman. Since I am a fan of The Real (Tamera is one of the co-hosts), I followed her throughout her pregnancy on the show. Her co-hosts threw her a baby shower and the baby’s gender was revealed as well. It was so fun to see that. Girl power, yea!!!

In the issue, Tamera discusses the trials and tribulations of pregnancy weight. Mothers, we can all relate to this, right? When I was pregnant with my son (whose now 7, almost 8 in 3 days…woohoo!), I actually LOST 20lbs., yes, 20lbs. yall. Ask me how? I have no idea. I was eating everything in sight. The doctor said I was perfectly healthy and so was my baby boy. After he was born, I managed to maintain my figure, but today (scratches head) is a different story! I’m trying to lose 20lbs. PLUS 20 more! LOL! The struggle is real. Smh.

The July issue is now available on newsstands.

My cousin had a beautiful baby girl in April and she is so beautiful! I fell in love with her the moment I saw her…a cutie, patootie, right? Yea, I know. 🙂

Here's my little cousin Addie, isn't she a beauty?
Here’s my little cousin Addie, isn’t she a beauty?

Let’s open the floor – how easy or difficult was it to drop those pounds after the baby? Whose ready for more kids? You have the floor…

Smooches! ♥

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