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Taraji P. Henson slaayyyys in a photo spread for ‘W’ Magazine

Hey Guys –

So I literally just did a post on Taraji last week as the cover girl for Allure magazine (check it out HERE!) Yesterday, I am checking my social media and I see she is also the cover girl for ‘W’ magazine with a complete blown out spread! Yes, a spread!

Taraji’s “Cookie Lyon” character on Empire has blown her career UP (I’m wayyyy up, I feel blessed…yesss!) She is already on the map as one of the great Hollywood actresses (Oscar nominated, too!). Now she’s all over the place with photo shoots, winning awards for her “Cookie” character, etc. You go girl! It’s her season and I am proud of her to be doing something she truly loves. Her passion is fulfilled and that is a blessing. It motivates and inspires me to continue to build my career.

Now back to the subject at hand – her photo spread for ‘W,’ in my opinion, is the BEST I’ve ever seen! Seriously. I mean she looks better than most people who model for a living. And, if we really want to take it a step further, she is 44 years old, yes, 44 people! She looks amazeballs, right? Check out pictures from her spread.

To read more about her cover shoot and her in depth interview, visit ‘W’ magazine site for all the inside scoop!







Beautiful, right? What do you think? Weigh in…

Catch Taraji and Terrance Howard (Lucious…lol) on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle on Thursday, July 9th! Can’t wait to see it!

Smooches! ♥

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