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Let’s Talk About Time Management!

Hey Guys –

How many of you feel that there are not enough hours in the day to handle all your tasks? After adding “blogging” to my existing busy schedule, I really have to apply extra effort to ensure I handle all my “must do’s,” like working my full time job, taking care of my kids and husband, cooking, cleaning, washing, grocery shopping, etc., while still trying to do things for myself, like blogging, going to the gym, hair salon, hanging with friends, etc. I must admit – I have a lot going on.

Look at just some of the stuff that I do, and that’s only a portion of it.


Shortly after reading this article that someone posted on Facebook, I immediately came to the realization that I need to change my way of doing things so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. This article specifically targets working people and how a simple disruption can cost you unproductive minutes of your time! We have no time to waste, right? Check out this article, I can guarantee after you are done reading, you will have a new profound way of working smarter. The author of this piece used Beyonce and Jay-Z as examples…the tasks we perform in days can take them one day to complete. We have to learn to weed out some things. We may not want to do it, but it will be very beneficial. PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE!

In the coming weeks, I will be adding a parenting section to my blog discussing parenting tips and mainly to read and listen to what my viewers have to say on how do they teach and reach their kids.  I will be having some people I know to contribute their knowledge on parenting (you’ll get to meet some great people in my life, like cousins and friends.) Please be on the lookout! I’ll send out a notification when I launch it! Woohoo!! I’m excited guys!

I really want to have an open forum on this topic because the article taps on working people but I actually apply this to my home and personal life as well. Do you not? How do you manage your time? Share some tips. C’mon guys – it’s ok to discuss and share! Let’s go! I’m ready!

Oh, I wanted to share the “meaning” of my name…lol. Mmmm….sounds about accurate.



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