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Another streaming music company??


Hey Guys,

Remember back in the day when it was all about going to Blockbuster Music Store, Sam Goody or FYE to get the hottest most popular CD?!? Fun times, right?? I used to love looking at the album cover and reading the artist info inside the cover leaflet. I mean CD’s still exist, but they dont have the same impact as before. Nowadays, its all about streaming music…

A few months ago I did a post on Tidal, a new music streaming company headed by music mogul, Jay Z. Well, guess what? Apple has now launched their new streaming service. Read all about it in the link below and how they break down the comparison between Spotify and Apple. You will want to read this!! Music lovers must be in the know when it comes to all things music. Check out this article from the Business Insider.

I’m currently with Spotify and I love the service! Who remembers Rhapsody? I have service with them too, which my husband primarily uses. Is Rhapsody even in the running with the likes of Spotify and Apple?? I feel like I never see much marketing from them. Interesting.

Who do you currently use? Why? Pros/cons? Share some of your ” CD” memories.

Who are you with? Why? Share some “CD” memories!

Smooches! 💜

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