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Who is Tori Kelly? One heck of a singer!

Hey Guys –

I admit – I knew nothing of Ms. Tori Kelly UNTIL I saw her powerhouse tribute performance on this past BET Awards. Guys, for real, her voice is heavenly. Her vocals and range will have your eyes popping out of your sockets! This girl can blow! Once her performance was over, I immediately started following her on Instagram! I was in a strong need to hear more of those amazing vocals. And guess what I found? She has an album…haha! Yes, yes, yes!

Her album is titled, “Unbreakable Smile” and it is available now for download on Amazon Unbreakable Smile
and iTunes! I listened to some of it on my way home from work this week and it was just what I expected.

Let’s talk about her album title for a bit – “Unbreakable Smile.” I am really feeling this title because I, too, feel my smile is unbreakable. Despite of what I have going on in my world, I still manage to keep smiling. A smile can take you many places. Here’s a story for you (I know, I know…here I go again with a “story,” LOL!). I remember when I was hired for my current job and the manager openly told me one of the reasons I was hired is because all of my professional references told her, I had a positive attitude and is ALWAYS smiling. Ha! Go figure.

Anyway, check out Tori’s amazing BET performance HERE!

Was my assessment right? She’s an awesome singer, right? Voice those opinions, people.

Veronica Green
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