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Tyrese’s LAST Solo Album – ‘Black Rose’

Hey Guys –

He’s a mega-star with #1 movies, an astounding humanitarian, and a PHENOMENAL singer…he’s Tyrese (my son’s middle name.)

This past Friday, Tyrese’s last album, #BlackRose was released and the world went crazy! His album is #1 in more than 10 countries – amazing stats!

What I like the most about Tyrese is his aggressive marketing. He went straight ole skool and went out in public…on subways, in the streets to meet and greet the people. There is nothing like the human touch. Besides, who said that his way of marketing no longer works? He proved them WRONG! If you follow the famed Coca-Cola singer on social media, you will see where fans sent him photos of his CD’s being sold in large retailers, like Best Buy and Target. SOLD OUT! That’s amazing because CD’s sales has plummeted over the last few years because of streaming and downloads. Tyrese made a believer out of his fans because he reached out, showed his face, re-posted our images and actually connected with his fans. R&B is not DEAD! He’s received so many positive comments nationwide about this album.

I’ve always been a fan of Tyrese since he first hit the scene as the “Coca-Cola” singer…and he had a guest appearance on ‘Martin.’ Yes, I’ve been following his career, plus he has a great sense of humor. I watched his documentary on Centric TV’s ‘Being’ a couple of weeks ago and his aggressiveness, persistent nature and passion is exactly why he is still relevant.

I listened to the album this past weekend and it’s the real deal people – pure and classic R&B – the good ole’ days!

You can download the album now via iTunes or Amazon NOW! Black Rose

Let me know what you think.

Check out his interesting social media pages (Facebook and Instagram), he has videos and images of him reaching and connecting with the fans. I love it!

Congratulations, Tyrese!

Veronica Green
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