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Brandy Sizzles on the Cover of Uptown Magazine

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Hey Guys –

Brandy has been on top of her game in the entertainment industry for 20 years! I’ve always admired her hard work and dedication to her crafts – music and acting. I remember watching her on ‘Thea,’ to listening to her first album. I feel like I grew up with her – I can see how she has blossomed into this successful businesswoman.

She radiantly graces the cover of Uptown Magazine looking like a beautiful doll. Her body is already an amazing work of art which truly captures the essence of her beauty.

I read her article it was a good read, one of the best celebrity interviews I’ve read in a long time. She talks about her growth, transitions, “doing her work” and earning her stripes. She is clearly no stranger to hard work. Here’s a piece that I got from the article that is so inspiring to me. This piece helps explain how important it is to have positive, motivating, encouraging people around you…someone who cares for your well-being as you do your own. Check out this piece:

“I told her, ‘Bran, you just have to do the work,’” says Keisha Epps, wife of actor Omar Epps and a former member of 90s Bad Boy Records R&B group Total. She has known Brandy for nearly a decade and is one of her closest friends. “There is nothing to analyze. Just do the work.” Talking over the phone, Epps says Brandy repeated her advice out loud, and told her, “I am going to do the work,” and then hung up. The work included daily spiritual, mental and physical practices. “I made up my mind to be the best version of myself and I kept affirming every day that I’m getting ready for something,” Brandy recalls. “I did not know what it was, but I knew God had something for me that I’m getting ready for.” A few months after Brandy’s decision to move forward and focus, her agents called asking if she was interested in starring in Chicago.” See the FULL article on Uptown’s website.

Despite all the challenges faced, she stepped out of her depression and stepped out on FAITH!

What do you think? Check out more of her beautiful pictures below:

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***Pictures from Uptown Magazine (***

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