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Watch Ciara’s New Music Video – ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’

Ciara Small

Hey Guys –

One  of my favorite song’s from Ciara’s Jackie album is, ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love.’ It’s the ultimate alternative than actually doing the do! I think it’s a great song, you guys should check it out – it’s available on iTunes and Amazon! See my post on Ciara’s latest album, Jackie.

Now, on to the video – seriously, the BEST Ciara video ever! I love the video! It not only relates to the song’s title, Ciara shows off her beautiful, sculpted body! She looks like a goddess! So very beautiful. Every scene captured her glowing body and her radiant face.

Oh, and I just got thru watching her dancing with Russell Wilson at the Kids Sports Awards on Nickelodeon! That girl know she got some moves!

Back to the subject at hand, check out the video and let me know what you think:

Smooches! ♥



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2 thoughts on “Watch Ciara’s New Music Video – ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’

  1. Classic Ciara video….(5 Stars). I swear she is doing her thing and never steps back. This girl has the moves. Every time I look at a new Ciara video, its better than the last one. She’s keeping it coming. Absolutely amazing dancer. Amazing body and physique. What planet is she from?

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Jen! LOL! Yes, Ciara got the moves and the grooves! If I can get my body tight and right like that, NOBODY would be able to tell me a thing!

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