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New song by Shanice – ‘Another Lonely Day in California’

We all know Shanice by her grammy-nominated hit, ‘I Love Your Smile,” but only few people know how she reached rock bottom financially. She, and fellow celebrity hubby, Flex Alexander, are working their way back up to financial freedom. They currently have a reality show, Flex and Shanice, that chronicles their day-to-day struggle to get back on top of their game.  They are sharing a rental property with a family of nine, including their adorable kiddos, Imani and Elijah. Teamwork makes the dream work!

What I admire about this couple is their will to win again!Here’s what I admire about them:

  • They are going thru the struggle TOGETHER, as a team!
  • They are honoring and obeying their vows…for better or for worse.
  • They build and encourage one another.
  • They show the true value of a marriage – loving and supporting one another thru the good, the bad and the ugly.

I love watching their show because it actually shows the reality of losing it all and gracefully trying to reattain it.

On the past episode of their reality show, Shanice records a new single, ‘Another Lonely Day in California.’ I love this song so much, it gave me chills and goosebumps. Her vocals, her range, her passion is so raw and full of emotion. Shanice has a beautiful, angelic voice. Instead of, ‘I Like Your Smile,” I like your SOUND, Shanice! Check it out NOW:

You can own this single now! Get it on iTunes or Amazon! Another Lonely Day in California

Catch Flex and Shanice Saturday nights 10/9C on OWN TV!


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