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Funny man Kevin Hart on the August cover of Rolling Stone magazine + go behind the scenes of his cover shoot

K Hart

He’s hyped! He’s super-charged! High-powered! Known as one of the funniest comedians around…he’s Kevin Hart!

Do you believe in the phrase: “out of sight, out of mind?” Funny man Kevin Hart does not give us the chance to put that phrase into practice. Agree?

Kevin is always in sight. If he’s not on social media promoting his healthy regimen, strenuous workouts and his comedy tour, he’s doing box office comedies with Ice Cube or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…and that’s just to name a few.  Some of you may even remember him from the comedy movie, Soul Plane…ring a bell?

With all his successful endeavors (comedy tours, movies, hosting TV award shows, etc.), Kevin has always remained humbled and grounded. He is a father of two adorable kids and engaged to beautiful young lady who he considers as, “his rib.”

K Hart 1

Check out a an excerpt from the Rolling Stone interview:

It’s one of several contradictions Hart juggles. He says success hasn’t changed him, and yet he also styles himself a “comedic rock star.” He tries to keep his mostly autobiographical jokes true to his increasingly surreal life without alienating fans. “You don’t ever want to look down on your audience,” he says. Hart counts among his mentors superstars like Murphy and Chris Rock, and comics’ comics like Patrice O’Neal and Dave Attell, but ultimately he is comparable to no one in his field. To truly get his measure, you need to think about artist-businessmen like Jay Z or Tyler Perry. Hart has had a production company for five years; he leads a crew of comedians, nicknamed the Plastic Cup Boyz, who open for him at arenas and whose careers he hopes to launch to new heights. On the horizon, he is developing a video-sharing comedy site that he intends to rival Funny or Die, and has plans to penetrate the lucrative fitness sector. Kevin Hart, in other words, wants to become the world’s most hilarious mogul. “At this point,” he says, “I’m competing against Kevin Hart.”

Read more of his story in Rolling Stone.

In the meantime, check out this behind-the-scenes cover shoot with Rolling Stone (pretty funny…of course):

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