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Beyonce Releases and Introduces her Collection of Flash Tattoos

If you know me well enough, you know that I am a HUGE #Beyonce fan! Yes, I am apart of the #Behive! LOL! Normally, outside of music, successful artist go into other artistic avenues, like creating and designing a clothing line, or creating new fragrances, perhaps creating a jewelry line.

Well, the #QueenB has done something totally different! HER OWN COLLECTION OF FLASH TATTOOS!! Heard of them before? They are stylish, temporary tattoos that can be placed anywhere on your body (back, arm, leg, etc.). Beyonce’s line includes her famous catch phrases/words, like, “Blow,” “Flawless”  and her line includes really stylish Beyhive designs.

Check out the links below – it includes all the other details, in addition to a link to order! Yahhhh! Of course I’m excited because I don’t have any tattoos. I have never been a fan of them, but since these are temporary, I’m confident that they will be a cute fashion statement that compliments well with my clothes. Yes!! Rock on! What do you guys think? Will you buy these?

Here is the link to access more details about Beyonce’s venture with Flash Tattoos:


Here is the link to order:


Overall, what do you think?

Smooches! ♥♥



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