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New Music – SWV – ‘Aint No Man’

SWV SmallOK, I admit, I am a bit of a reality TV junkie…is that a bad thing? Don’t judge me, OK?
So, SWV has a reality show on  WeTV. It’s a really good show guys – no “ratchedness” or uncontrolled drama. The show basically is an overview of them re-attaining their 90’s success.

C’mon, we all loved SWV back in the day. We jammed them at home while doing our chores, doing our homework (don’t tell my mom, though :-)), in our cars, etc.

On their reality show, they are shown recording a song…I don’t remember them saying the title, but I do remember me saying, “OMG! When are they releasing it?” Well, that time has come! The new single from their forthcoming album is called, “Ain’t No Man.” Check it out:

Sounds amazing, right? Are we surprised? Absolutely not! Download the single now via iTunes and Amazon Ain’t No Man – Single

Smooches! ♥

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