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Beyoncé on the September cover of Vogue Magazine [Photos]

Beyonce1Her silence is golden.

Her silence is loud.

Her silence is controversial.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter majestically covers the September issue of Vogue magazine. So much buzz about this particular issue – why is it so important? According to, here’s the reasoning behind it all:

“Women view September as the time to change and the time to re-invent themselves. We’ve all been through it actually and it started a long time ago when we were growing up as children and mainly shopping for new clothes around “back-to-school” season. Essentially, this is now what we are doing as adults. I’ve heard that September is the time when people feel that they can start off with a clean slate and begin their new year as opposed to the actual first day of the new year.”

Check out her spread:

Beyonce2 Beyonce3 Beyonce4

According to Vogue – Read the rest of the cover story and the entire September issue as early as August 14 via Amazon or by picking it up in Target stores. The issue officially hits newsstands on August 25.

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  1. I loooovvveeee me some Bey!! And it’s true, we do reinvent ourselves in Fall- I never really thought about it before… Going from summer laid back to Fall’s fashionable season. I love shopping for Fall. And Bey is such an advocate for girl power- it’s perfect!!

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