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‘Being Mary Jane’ season 3 to premiere Oct. 20th

Being Mary Jane is back for an all new season!

Season 3 is scheduled to kick off Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 9p/8c on BET! Whose ready?

The season 2 finale left the viewers in so much awe and completely speechless. Everything happened so fast and then all of a sudden, I see the credits roll and I’m like, “wait, are you serious?” THE WAIT IS OVER! Yessss!

Go to for more information and to see other video clips from past seasons.

In the meantime, check out this sneak peak of season 3 and it’s Emmy worthy! Mama Helen was not having it! Can you blame her?

What did you think? Is your heart racing?

Smooches! ♥

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Source: [BET]

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One thought on “‘Being Mary Jane’ season 3 to premiere Oct. 20th

  1. I cannot wait until this premieres. I was stunned at the end of Season 2. I sat on my couch with my mouth wide open. I almost cried with Mary Jane. I felt her pain. Her heart was broken. That ‘Butt Dialing’ is a fool. That’s God’s way of getting out information that needs to be out there because He knows you won’t do it for yourself. I’m telling you now “take them phones out your back pocket” LOL! All I can say is “Wow”

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