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Join me on my Periscope Adventure!


As a blogger, it is important that I feed my audience…I want to keep your attention. Instead of reading my million and one posts, it’s good to also see me “vlog.” What is Vlogging? Vlogging is blogging, but on video – simple enough, right? After reading hundreds of tweets and blog posts, I finally decided to join Periscope and I want YOU to join me.

I am joining this fun Periscope challenge called, #PeriscopewithPurpose with and if you are a blogger or a business, you can join too! Just click on the link below and it will break everything down for you – the who, what, when, where, how and why’s…

The challenge will take place during the whole month of October. This is going to be so FUN! Aren’t you excited? C’mon you know you are!

What is Periscope?

Here is an excerpt from the link above detailing how the app operates:

Periscope is an app where you can live stream a broadcast, but with a secret sauce: your viewers can actually interact with you while you’re broadcasting live.

That means you could be broadcasting at the beach and someone could comment “Hey- is that a SHARK right behind you?” and totally freak you out.

Not that anyone would do that. Okay, you know you would.

But seriously. Being able to interact at this level with your audience is epic, as my kids would say. Viewers of your broadcast can comment on what you’re saying and “like” what you say by giving you hearts.

Again, please go to the link provided, it will thoroughly explain everything you need to know about Periscope and the challenge.

I Need Your Support 

I will be doing my very FIRST ‘scope’ tomorrow (10/1 – day 1 of the challenge). Periscopes are broadcasted LIVE, so if you miss the live feed, you can replay the video within 24 hours before it is deleted. I will be sure to send out a social media message when I am about to ‘scope!’ Here is the link to my Periscope:

Download Periscope for Android and Apple NOW and join me! Promise I won’t bore you or take up all your time. Let me know your Periscope URL and I’ll be sure to follow.

Smooches! ♥

Veronica Green
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