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New Movie in Theaters TODAY – ‘The Peanuts Movie’

PeanutsSo the weatherman says it is going to rain all this weekend (Houston, TX). Wonk, wonk, wonk! It rained all last weekend too during Halloween weekend! Ugh! Enough rain already!

One of the fun things I can do is sit back and watch a movie. Me and my son can make a date of it. We can go check out a kids movie. I have not seen a kids movie since ‘Inside Out.’ I am way overdue.

My social media timeline has been filled with premiere photos for the new movie – ‘The Peanuts Movie.’ As mentioned in a previous post, I am so obsessed with Christmas and this movie is “Christmasy.” And who is NOT a Charlie Brown fan? I am so excited about this movie.

Fandango describes the movies’ premise as:

The delightfully hilarious gang from The Peanuts returns after 35 years for their silver screen debut. Join Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and friends on a new epic adventure while Snoopy tracks down his nemesis, the Red Baron. Charles M. Schulz’s iconic characters are brought to life in state of the art 3D animation from Blue Sky Studios, the creators of the Ice Age films. Directed by Steve Martino. Screenwriters include Craig Schulz, one of Charles M. Schulz’s sons and Bryan Schulz, Craig’s son and Cornelius Uliano.

Excited yet? Get more excitement by checking out this trailer:

Avoid those long lines. Avoid tickets being sold out. Buy your tickets now via Fandango! 

If I end up going, I will definitely take pictures and share them with you guys. Comment below and tell me if you are going to check it out…or have you checked it out already(NO SPOILERS!) ? Let me know!

Smooches! ♥

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