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Watch funny trailer ‘Fifty Shades of Black’ by Marlon Wayans [New Movie]

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The hilarious Marlon Wayans is back; and he is back with his version of Universal’s Fifty Shades of Grey….Fifty Shades of Black! He is known for creating spoofs from popular films and making it into one big funny movie!

According to Variety

Wayans, who stars as mysterious entrepreneur Christian Black, is a producer and writer of the film alongside regular writing and producing partner Rick Alvarez.

The trailer starts with Wayans and Hawk re-creating the scene in which Dakota Johnson’s “Fifty Shades” character bids a first farewell to Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey as elevator doors are closing. In this case, the doors close several times on Hawk’s head.

The movie also stars funny man Mike Epps, Kali Hawk and Jane Seymour.

I know many of you saw the trailer over the weekend after Wayans released it. If not, check out the trailer here:

The movie is set to be released in theaters on Jan. 29

Check for showtimes and purchase tickets thru Fandango!

What are you thinking? Funny stuff, right? You can always count on Marlon Wayans to spread the laughter!

Smooches! ♥

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