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Let’s Talk About the Winter Finale of ‘Empire!’ [Spoiler Alert!]


If you did not watch the season finale of Empire last night, let me warn you – I am about to give you a massive spoiler! 

Social media was on fire last night during the finale of Empire. The entire hour (or shall I say 45 minutes) was packed with great content and story lines. Each scene had my heart racing!

Here are some moments that had my heart almost out my chest:

  • When MiMi revealed that she was married to Camilla! OMG! If you watched season one, you will know Camilla is Hakeem’s ex-girlfriend who Lucious paid to get out of Hakeem’s life and now she is the part owner of Empire. You gotta see it to believe it!
  • When Cookie had a heart-to-heart with Hakeem about the emergency hearing to have Luscious voted out of the company. I love when Cookie told Hakeem:

Lyon Dynasty is our company, but Empire is our legacy.

  • When Hakeem said “I” to vote Luscious out of the company! OMG! I kind of predicted that he would agree since they didn’t get along at all during the season.
  • When Cookie and Luscious had a very heart-warming moment in his home office. After being voted out, Luscious took it hard by shooting up his office! He was miserable and devastated, but Cookie came in to save the day! She offered encouraging words which resulted in a warm embrace between the two.

Lesson Learned: No matter how many issues they have between them, they never let it interfere with the family. They fuss and fight like cats and dogs, but come together when the family is in need or in a crisis (like last night.)

  • When Skye Summers (played by Alicia Keys) and Jamal had tender moments throughout the show. They even “hooked up” once! Hats off to Alicia, she did a great job with the role. Not only am I fan of her music, but her acting chops were very impressive. I loved the song that she and Jussie (Jamal) sang last night, “Powerful”, it was very beautiful and touching. Their voices work well together.
  • When Cookie SPIT in Camilla’s face after she discovered she was the force behind Luscious being voted out of Empire. That spit was so strong, I felt it. I wonder how they had to handle that scene. I’m curious.
  • When Crazy Kitty (pun intended) pushed a pregnant Rhonda down the stairs out of rage and jealousy. Her character really did a 360 this season. She has gone off the deep end.

Did you enjoy all the celebrity cameos? Jason Darelo, Charlamagne Tha God, DaBrat all were featured in last nights episode. They did well.

Empire will return for the other half of season two in March 2016. Long wait. Yep, I know.

After reading all my chatter, I’m sure your eyeballs are tired. Tell me how you felt about the finale? What were some of your “Whoa!” moments?

One last thing, did you enjoy the music this season? Great! I did too. You can download your copy now via iTunes (more tracks than Amazon) or Amazon. Both soundtracks includes Jussie Smollet’s Pepsi hit, “Heavy.”


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