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Guest Post: ‘The Wiz LIVE’: Easing Back Down the Yellow Brick Road [Recap]

The Wiz

You know the story. I am one busy woman who wears multiple hats – wife, mother, full-time employee and blogger. There are times when I enlist the help of other like-minded contributors to guest post on my blog. My goal is to deliver the best entertainment stories that provides positive insight. While I’m working hard to research and deliver the best content behind the scenes, I have invited guest blogger, One Tuf Cookie, to share some of her “crumbles” with you.  Enjoy.

Today is a great day for One Tuf Cookie to guest post. Why? Because it’s…

One Tuf Cookie Here! And in case you didn’t assume- I’m still on a happy high from last night’s, ‘The Wiz: LIVE!’ All of our favorite social media sites were buzzing with hashtags galore as everyone was watching! Even this morning, it was the big, great topic for discussion on the daytime talk and news shows. If you missed it – boy did you miss a treat! The star-studded cast put on an amazing show with a miraculous job of costume and makeup works and even some of today’s hip lingo.
Mary J. Blige was awesome as she brought her hip-hop swag to her role. Ne-yo was a superb Tin Man and David Alan Grier was The Cowardly Lion at his best! All of the characters were great.
Amber Riley, as Addaperle and new face, Shanice Williams, as Dorothy really showed their stuff. Williams was under high expectations, singing songs previously sung by the great Stephanie Mills (who played Aunt Em in the show) surprisingly delivered. Common was funny (and handsome, as always ) and did a great job. I couldn’t express enough- everyone was worthy of a standing ovation from living rooms everywhere!
The bright colors and loud sound effects were fun and catchy- they even kept the attention of my 2year old son! Personally, it was an all-around excellent performance that definitely lived up to the hype. I would have loved to watch it right from the beginning immediately when it was over. But it was a Live: One Night Only show .
It was great while it lasted, and I guess I’ll just have to wait for the DVD (I didn’t DVR it)…or if you are feeling techy, you can watch online. Can’t win’em all- guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!!
One Tuf Cookie
~ One Tuf Cookie ~


Twitter: @1_tufcookie

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