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5 Effective Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

I love me some daytime TV especially lifestyle shows where they share tips and show you how to do fun projects and save a dollar…or two.

One of my favorite shows is The Real and it is the season where they are discussing everything holiday…from fashion, cooking, how-to’s, holiday makeup tutorials, etc.

One of the topics discussed last holiday season was ways to save money during the holiday season. Some of you may have done some smart holiday shopping during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which is pretty awesome! I know it’s hard to talk about saving money, but oh so necessary. Keep reading…

Wendy Raquel Robinson (awesome actress – you may know her as “Tasha Mack” from the BET show, “The Game”) was a guest host on the “money tips” episode and she said something that literally made me, “LOL!” but it was so true! “Stretch that dollar until it hollers!”

I never heard of that “xpression” (do you get it? “xpressions” ) before – have you? Super-uber funny and relevant.

Would it be great if you can afford gifts for everyone? Absolutely! But, not all family and household budgets are setup to go crazy on Christmas! As much as I love Christmas, I know going over-budget and being stuck with a huge pile of debt is not the way to go. I want to share some holiday savings tips with you that I saw on The Real and some of my own.

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a commission if a purchase is made after clicking on my link.

Check out these 5 easy tips that will help you save a buck…or two this holiday season:


1.Check your Bank and Credit Card Statements

How often do you take the time to thoroughly check your statements to ensure all charges are accurate? I check my bank statement every…single…day. Sometimes there can be unnoticed overages and hidden charges. When you call the bank to dispute, they normally reverse the charges right away. That reversal can go towards a nice, inexpensive Christmas gift or simply save it! Ching, ching! Easy breezy, right?

True story – I remember one time being charged for a $35 overdraft fee for an item that I had enough money to cover. I called the bank, they saw the error and immediately reversed the $35 back into my account. That $35 was applied to my Christmas budget.

2. Invest in Cheap Travel

I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. If you are planning to travel via plane this season, go for the all-inclusive travel deals that include flights, hotels and rental cars all packaged into one. You save a whole lotta dough! Ching! Ching!

Here’s an idea: If you visit the Hawaiian islands off season (like now) you save BIG on their inclusive packages. Read my Winter Savings Getaway 101 (pages 26-27) guide that I did last season for the Everything Girls Love (EGL) online magazine. I dish on what to do to save and shared some great spots to visit during this time of year.

3. Save/Cut Back on Beauty Maintenance

It takes an army of professionals to help us maintain our beauty ladies, right? We enlist the help of hairstylists, manicurists, estheticians, etc. So much money! Oh my goodness! I have a little solution – do some of those processes yourself. You will be the DIY diva if you can pull this off! I have been doing my own hair this month, my pedicure and I even pulled out the good ole razor. Do I miss the professionals? Absolutely! But I am saving a few bucks. I will use my “cutback” budget to buy my mom something nice and pretty. Love you mommy!

4. Save/Cut Back on Eating Out

This is a BIG one! I am going to follow my own advice. I lovvvvvveeee eating out during my lunch break at work. I get this huge sense of peace when I am away from the office. It is a great way to just breathe and take care of you…even it is just one hour. Although it’s peaceful, it can become very expensive. Almost $50 in a week! I can use that money towards a Christmas gift(s) or save it. All I need to do is cook (ugghhh!) and bring my lunch. I started this week. Pray for me. Ching! Ching!

5. Get Table Decor from the Dollar Store (see how I made that rhyme? )

WWYF 728x90

Seriously! You will be surprised to see what they have to offer. You can make a beautiful dinner table  display with their decor. I actually saw this idea on the FabLife Show (another show I love that unfortunately got canceled.)

I recently became an affiliate for Dollar Tree and boy that is one of the best decision I have ever made…I am so serious right now. I read their blog on how you can assemble cool gifts for men, women and kids for under $20! Take a look and see for yourself: Shop gifts under $20 from Dollar Tree!

In the image below (from Fablife) all of the items were purchased from the dollar store.


Recently, on The Real,  Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche paid a visit and shared some of her tips. Check out the video here:

Well, that’s all folks! I hope these tips helped you out. If you have any tips you want to share, please feel free to comment and share with us!







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