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Guest Post: It’s National Cupcake Day! Take a Peek Inside to Follow the Sweetness…

Holiday Dessert


You know the story. I am one busy woman who wears multiple hats – wife, mother, full-time employee and blogger. There are times when I enlist the help of other like-minded contributors to guest post on my blog. My goal is to deliver the best entertainment stories that provides positive insight. While I’m working hard to research and deliver the best content behind the scenes, I have invited guest blogger, One Tuf Cookie, to share some of her “crumbles” with you.  Enjoy.

Hey, guys!! One Tuf Cookie here screaming Happy…


Yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking… #1. Yummmm, a cupcake sounds goood!! and #2. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO BAKE CUPCAKES!
Well once again- I’ve got your back! I’ve discovered some really cool flavors and fun twists to try…so head on over to you favorite bakery and have a sweet adventure!
Here are some tasty ideas from some awesome cupcake retailers:
Photo Credit: Crave Cupcakes













Everyone loves Crave! They have Holiday Gingerbread, Holiday Eggnog & Maple Bourbon Pecan. What great fun is it to eat cupcakes!


Photo Credit: GiGi’s Cupcakes













Gigi’s Cupcakes has three locations in town and they’ve got Hunka Chunk Banana Love and Tiramisu! ‘Tis the season to be Warm and Tasty!!


Photo Credit: Sweet Treats Boutique













The Sweet Treats Boutique brings spirits to you Holidays with the Strawberry Daquiri Cupcake!! They’ve also got an Amaretto Sour Cupcake and the sought after Maple Bacon! Oh Yeah!!

Too bad we can eat them all! But, hey, you know what I always say – sometimes, that’s just the way the Cookie Crumbles!
Let us know what fun flavors you find!! Be Sweet!
One Tuf Cookie
~ One Tuf Cookie ~


Twitter: @1_tufcookie


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