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3 Reasons Why We Loved Michelle Obama’s Interview on ‘The Real’ (Video + FREEBIE)

The Real at the White House
Pictured: The Co-Hosts of “The Real” with FLOTUS Michelle Obama and Education Secretary, John King (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

In case you missed it, ‘The Real’ co-hosts took a trip to The White House to interview First Lady Michelle Obama about her education campaign, “Better Make Room.”

During the interview the panel discussed the importance of education, how to get financial aid assistance and we got a huge dose of the First Lady’s humorous energy!

Check out our 3 favorite pieces from the interview:

1. “Better Make Room” Education Campaign

Back in October, I blogged about Mrs. Obama new education initiative, Better Make Room. This campaign is an awareness project to encourage students to invest in their future and “make room” to attend college and get a higher education. During the interview, the First Lady explained the significance of the program and why it is so important to have cheerleaders in your life (like your parents) to give you the boost of encouragement to become college graduates. She explained when she was growing up, her parents implemented a mandatory rule that she and her oldest brother attend college and graduate – and so they did. Although her parents were working class people and not college graduates, they did promote and stress the importance of education. One of the co-host pointed out that the First Lady is 1 of 4 First Lady’s to receive a graduates degree! How awesome is that? Did you know she has a law degree, too? She is the perfect advocate for this cause.

To learn more about the First Lady’s campaigns, go to

Attention Parents: Please encourage your kids to go to college. If they want to be a professional athlete or a singer, that is great, however, please make sure they have a back-up plan in place. For example, one of the co-host, Loni Love has a degree in Engineering. Is she using her degree? No! But, if her co-host career goes sour or if her comedy career does not pan out, she will always have a Plan B to fall back on.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a proud college graduate. My mother and my high school teachers and counselors encouraged me to go to college. My mother supported me all the way through with no complaints. Till this day, I still appreciate her for being in my corner.

2. Financial Aid – “FAFSA”

Okay, this is a big one folks – money, money, money. It was explained during the interview that one of the main reasons students don’t attend college is because it is too expensive. No one can argue that college is not expensive, but as the First Lady explained, there are BILLIONS of dollars just sitting on the government table because kids simply don’t know it exists and that the money is there. How can kids get some of this billion dollar pie to attend college? Simply apply. That’s it! Visit to apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid.) I received money from FAFSA and it helped a great deal! Back in the day, I had to send my form by mail (lol).

3. Sense of Humor

Picture this: You’re a senior in high school and your principal sends in a guest speaker to talk to you about getting a education, but all you can hear is the sounds of Charlie brown’s teacher (wonk, wonk, wonk, etc.) Borrrrinnngggg, right?

When I was in school, I loved the speakers who came in with humor and empowered us with a message that transcended. Well, that is what our First Lady did in her interview. She was smart, sassy, classy, funny, witty and persuasive – all in one! She shared funny stories about her high school and college ventures. She even talked about her first kiss!

Check out this funny clip:

Overall, this was a very enlightening and great interview! I enjoyed watching the co-hosts interview a stand-up woman for a stand-up cause.

FREEBIE! In my post about conquering your goals, I mentioned how helpful and important it is to display or post your goals somewhere. I created this graphic just for you. Please pass it on to your kids or someone you know who can use this. You can frame it! It’s 8.5 x 11. We all need a boost of encouragement every now and again.

Did you watch the interview? Tell me how you feel about the FLOTUS’ education campaign. Does this motivate you to want to go back to school?


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