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Beyoncé Releases New Politically-Charged Song & Video – ‘Formation’

Beyonce - Formation

The Queen Bey is back on the microphone and she has a strong message that she delivers in her new song – “Formation.”

In the song, Beyoncé shuts down haters, rumors and controversy of all sorts from being part of the illuminati, to rude remarks about about her daughter’s natural afro-centric hairstyles. Also, in the song, she covers the non-stop violence and recent tragedies in black communities.

The multi-Grammy award winner uses her powerful lyrics, expressive dance moves and creative talent to pay homage to her parents, her roots in Texas and how she will never be un-country!

Check out the video:

Check out this awesome post from Cosmopolitan, which lists her powerful lyrics from this song.


The song is exclusively available on Tidal – you can download for FREE.

I want to hear from you! What do you think about the message of the song and the way it was conveyed in the video?


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