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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a “Satisfied Single”


Satisfied Single - Valentine's Day

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Where are my single ladies? Don’t be ashamed, speak up! I’ve been single before. As the good ole saying goes, “that’s because I’m alone, doesn’t mean I’m lonely.”

When I was single, I would be the first to jump up at the wedding reception when it was time for the bride to throw the bouquet. Actually, as a matter of fact, and this is a fact (I have pictures to prove it!) I attended two weddings within months of each other and guess who caught the bouquet…both times? Yep, that’ll be me! I can’t find the other photo – I’ll keep hunting for it…


While your “booed up” friends are celebrating their love, you’re happily celebrating YOU!

One of my favorite daytime shows is The Real on FOX. Last year (2016), for Valentine’s Day, the co-hosts introduced a segment called “5 Days of Love” to countdown to the BIG day and to help others express their feelings for their significant others, like making surprise proposals and reuniting couples who were somehow disconnected.

Loni Love, co-host and comedian, constantly and proudly admits she is a “satisfied single.” What does that mean? Simply put – she is satisfied being a happy, single woman.

You see ladies and gents – being in a marriage or relationship does not define you. You define yourself. Build your own self-esteem. Confidence. Courage. Wisdom. You should not be reliant on another person to “complete” you. Make yourself complete. I admire the fact that Loni Love is confident with being single and satisfied with her decision.

The Emmy-nominated show, created this awesome campaign called, #TheRealMe which serves the purpose of embracing and loving yourself. There are five co-hosts (now four, Tamar Braxton is no longer there) and they each went around the table and mentioned two qualities that described who they are and how proud they are to own it! Check out the clip below:

Growing up, looking at others around us and on TV, we learned that Valentine’s is all about love, kisses, chocolates, hopeful engagements and other dramatic ways of expressions. What I learned from a discussion on The Real was to simply…LOVE YOURSELF! Love you! If you desire to be in a relationship one day, how can you expect to be loved if you are not truly satisfied and confident in yourself?

So, for all my “satisfied singles” out there, what do YOU have planned for Valentine’s? Loni Love made a great suggestion – while couples are out celebrating, you can hit up a nice, conservative club, or lounge where there is a strong possibility that other single people will be there too! Awesome idea, right? No harm in mingling.

Not into the bar and lounge scenes? Round up your single gals or guys pals and make it a great night! Hang out, watch movies, play a game of pool, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Now, on to the people who want love and prefer not to be single, what are you doing to celebrate? Please tell me you will not be home in your PJ’s, with a box of chocolates, wallowing in your misery. No, no, no! Get dressed and go out and have fun. Head to a lounge and meet new people. You never know…your future mate awaits!

Now that I gave you a nice ole lesson about Valentine’s and loving yourself, again, how will you be celebrating? Have any ideas you want to share? Leave your comments below! I read and reply to all my readers!


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1/6/17: This post received a makeover which includes some updated information and a snazzy, new graphic!  This post was originally published on 2/11/16. Tamar Braxton is no longer on The Real. 




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