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WATCH: Trailer for Kelly Rowland’s New Reality Competition – ‘Chasing Destiny’

Kelly Rowland

“I don’t want reality stars…I want stars,” says Grammy winner Kelly Rowland.

You may have heard a year ago that Rowland was planning to bring a televised reality competition to BET called, “Chasing Destiny.” Well, folks, that time has come.

Rowland was apart of the one of the most successful girl groups around – Destiny’s Child.

In an interview with Billboard, here is what the proud mother of one had to say when asked how the idea of this show came about and why she feels a girl group is necessary:

Rowland explains how “Chasing Destiny” came about:

This was my and Frank’s idea. We were going to do this whether TV cameras were with us or not. We were going to have our own cameras. But after talking to Stephen (BET president of programming Hill), he said he’d like to be a part of the show. I was just happy that he saw how necessary a girl group is just as much as we do. Because there’s only only one out there now, Fifth Harmony.

She explains why girl groups are necessary:

One of the things I loved about being in Destiny’s Child was little girls seeing us travel together, sing together, talk together, hang out together. It shows camaraderie, friendship and to me that’s missing. This is such a selfie-absorbed society. We need to see more of girls getting along. It’s not just about being an individual. You need friends to depend on. And I need these young ladies to know that still exists. And if they can see that in a group… that is the ultimate goal.

Read the full interview HERE.

Check out the trailer:

“Chasing Destiny” premieres on BET on April 5.

What do you think of the show’s concept? Do you agree that we need more girl groups? Why or why not?


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