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3 Family Fun Activities for Easter!

Happy Easter!

First and foremost – Happy  S P R I N G! 

Can you believe we have bypassed all the St. Patty’s Day green and now it’s all about the pastel colors? Whew! Time is ticking and now we have arrived at Easter!

If you have no plans for Easter, I have come up with some simple, easy-to-do plans to do with your family.


Here we go:


Wait – before you have a panic attack, it’s not that bad!

My phone is like my BFF, so I know it’s difficult to leave it at a distance for too long without feeling the urge to grab it to check the latest posts on Instagram! Back away from the phone, people.

Nothing can replace good, quality family moments. Carve out some time to spend with your loved ones.

Play games, engage in conversation, watch movies, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Parents and kids go thru enough with work and school. Since most companies and schools are not in session on Good Friday, use the time wisely to love on your family!


Do you have young kids in your house?

Go the classic route and dye eggs – together!

There is nothing like quality time with your kids while making a “colorful” mess in the kitchen.

After dying the eggs, make lunch! Having a “foodie bestie” (totally made that up) brews (pun intended) so much fun time with your family.


The keyword for this post is food. Clearly. Ha!

Pastel colors are now in season. Pull out your best Easter outfit and give the family a fashion show!

Seriously – it can be so much fun.

Get the little ones involved, too – they will love it. There are so many new fashion trends.

Okay, now you can take out the phones! Snap images so you can create a collage to share memorable moments.

I know a lot of families typically attend worship services on Easter Sunday.

After the service, engage with your family, hide the eggs, hunt the eggs, and eat food!

Food brings families together – that’s a fact in my family!

I hope these simple tips serves you and your family well!

Have a happy and safe Easter, folks! USA, LLC


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