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Beyoncé Introduces New ActiveWear Brand for Women – Ivy Park


Beyonce is the queen (hence the nickname, #QueenBey) of brand expansion. Let me a give you a little breakdown of what I mean:

– She was the first artist to drop a “surprise” album back in 2013. No promotion. No marketing. No announcement. The album sold millions and millions of copies.

– She announced her partnership with 22 Nutrition, which is a vegan lifestyle program she and her dancers use to stay healthy. Honestly, who has ever heard of 22 Nutrition until Queen Bey attached her name to it?

– She RARELY does interviews, but somehow stays on TOP as one of the best entertainers in the world – international, global superstar!

As I said, “a little breakdown” because she has done so much more.

Today, she announced her new active wear line – Ivy Park. Here is a video clip that shows us a glimpse of her blood, sweat and tears when it comes to her fitness regimen. She also explains the significance of Ivy Park:

Check out these photos from her Ivy Park shoot:

Ivy Park will be available online and in select stores (Topshop, Nordstroms, etc.) on April 14th.

Okay, after viewing these images and video, how many of you are thinking of heading to your nearest park ASAP?!? Come on, be real! I have a park that’s literally 3 minutes away and I have never been there! Seriously. But guess what? The park will see me there this weekend! Boom!

[All pictures and videos retrieved from Ivy Park’s website]


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