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Maxwell – New Music – ‘Lake By The Ocean’


The Neo-Soul and R&B crooner is back with new music! That’s right ladies, Maxwell is back with a new single…and a new forthcoming album.

The 42-year old Brooklyn native released a new single called, “Lake by the Ocean.”

Maxwell hosted a live stream Q&A session on Facebook last night to introduce his new single and answer a few questions from fans.

Check out some excerpts from the video:

How he feels about the difference of sound between his first studio album Urban Hang Suite (1996) and his current sound:

“I think sonically we try to maintain a certain amount of timelessness, maybe that’s why it takes so much time. In the end, I just want to make a good song. I just want a song that you are going to want to play past the moment when it was recorded. So, I just want to make a song that you would play and your children will maybe play and your grandchildren will maybe play, which is not an easy task. I’ve been working with the people that helped me on my first album for about 20…23 years, so we have a way of just figuring out through our chemistry what we need to do, and, they, of course, keep me on point and actually get things done.”

Maxwell explains the meaning and concept of “Lake by the Ocean:”

“The song represents falling in love after a very, very tough trial period in life and finding contentment in the smallest things next to the biggest things. So, being able to be content in a lake when you have an entire ocean near you is, for me, the epitome of true happiness…that you really don’t need more…that you have more with the person that you are sharing that experience with.

He continues…

That is the meaning for me, don’t worry about what I’m feeling, this is about YOU. This song is about your emotions. These songs are about your lives…it’s not about what I think….it’s about what you make it become for you.”

His response when asked the story behind the new album:

“We leave off where we last were seven years ago from Black into Summers which is for me more of a sonic shift in ways I’ve never been, but in some ways, goes back in time to Urban Hang Suite. There’s a lot of dance stuff…stuff that you can get on the floor and hangout. It’s not as overly produced…it’s just sort of it is what it is. It’s up to you what you think at the end of the day.”

Watch the full video below:

Hey it’s Max this is my new single “Lake By The Ocean” – check it out!

Posted by Maxwell on Thursday, April 7, 2016

You can expect the second album from the Blacksummers’Night trilogy (Grammy award winning project – best R&B album) to be released this summer on July 1!

In the meantime, you can download “Lake by The Ocean” on Amazon and iTunes!

That’s was a lot to take in, right? I want to hear from YOU, what do you think about the new single?


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