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MAMA’S GIRL: Celebrate Mother’s Day + XPRESS Yourself!


Mother's Day

~Bring me flowers while I’m still living~

Heard of that “xpression” before? Here is my interpretation of it:

Don’t bring me flowers when I’m DEAD. Don’t bring me flowers when I’m SICK. Celebrate me all the time. Show love and appreciation consistently.

Do you agree? Tell me your interpretation in the comments below.

Can you believe it will be Mother’s Day soon? I just feel like these holidays and special days are closer than ever! Crazy.

As many of you know, I am a mother and I celebrate my role every single day.

My son proves his admiration for me everyday and it makes my heart smile.

Although sometimes he can get in a “Stewie” mood, I still manage to tolerate it because I love him so much. Who is Stewie? Check out this clip:

My mother prefer that we celebrate her on Mother’s Day than Christmas or her birthday. So if we don’t get her anything for her birthday or Christmas, she is totally okay with that, but for Mother’s Day, she wants to be treated like a QUEEN!


What does your mother mean to you OR what does being a mother mean to you? Details, details, details…

You can comment below or on my Facebook or Instagram. I will share them on my social media pages so the world can get inspired.

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