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Watch Trailer to New Movie Starring Morris Chestnut – ‘When The Bough Breaks’


*Update* 9/7/16

This suspenseful movie is hitting theaters Friday, September 9!

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Earlier on BET’s social sites, it was announced that a new movie will be coming to surface, starring the multi-talented actor, Morris Chestnut.

The movie is called, “When the Bough Breaks,” and it also stars multi-talented actress Regina Hall and newcomer, Jaz Sinclair.

Jay Ellis (BET star of The Game) hosted a live Facebook session with Morris Chestnut, and he explained what the movie will be about:

“About a couple that can’t conceive of a child, so they hire a surrogate to carry the baby. And while the baby is inside of the surrogate, she has some issues with her boyfriend and she also has some personal issues that we were not aware of at the time that we selected her to be the surrogate.”

I watched the trailer and my oh my it is GOOOD! Check it out here:

The movie hits theaters in September! Can’t wait!

Share your thoughts…do you like the concept of the movie? What about the trailer?


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