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Beyoncé – New Visual Album – ‘Lemonade’


Over the weekend, Beyoncé unveiled the mission and purpose behind the mystery of, Lemonade.

In a 60-minute “short film” presentation, the global superstar divided it all in different themes to represent the before, the middle and the after of Lemonade while discussing emotions like:










The Queen Bey sang about issues like marital infidelity, her father’s advice and the struggles of being a black woman. There were a few familiar faces in the video as well – mothers of the Black Lives Matter movement; tennis star, Serena Williams; model Winnie Harlow and Disney star, Zendaya.
She really touched on some great controversial topics. Some people’s minds are so clouded around her discussion of infidelity, that they forget she discussed the struggles of black women and how hard we have to fight to be considered “good enough.”
In essence, the video told an “untold” story. Twitter was on fire with their interpretations of the songs in the video. So much buzz surrounded the lyrics:
 – Did her husband Jay-Z cheat on her?
 – Is this a story about her father’s infidelity when he was married to Beyonce’s mom, Tina?
And the speculations continue. Check out how many tweets #LEMONADE brought in:

 As many of you know, Beyoncé is a woman of few words. She does not do many interviews nor does she discuss any personal matters. Her response will always be in a song format. She plays all of her moves very carefully and wisely.
Take my advice – you will never know what really transpired. Enjoy the artistry.
Needless to say, a few minutes before the video was over, Beyoncé released her album, ‘Lemonade’ exclusively on Tidal. All songs featured in the video are on the album.
As of today (4/25) the album is now available on iTunes and Amazon!
I want to hear from you. Were your predictions about “Lemonade” correct? What did you think about the video/visual album?

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2 thoughts on “Beyoncé – New Visual Album – ‘Lemonade’

  1. I wasn’t able to watch it on the day it aired on HBO but let me tell you, I DEFINITELY DVR’d it. I was able to sit back on my own time, rewind if I needed and check out the whole Lemonade special. And let me just say… I absolutely loved it. But I love anything B does. I have no idea if Jay cheated or not but she’s on point when she says her and Blu are going to be fine. BOY, Bye!!! She is a remarkable artist. Ay, all I’m saying is that he’s crazy if he did pull a stunt. Just the video content of Lemonade was impressive. Every scene was so different from the next scene. From the makeup to the hair, to the outfits, to the artistry…. super clean. My favorite songs on there were ‘Sorry’, ‘Daddy Lessons’ and ‘Freedom’..Beyoncé keeps on impressing me and I love the fact that she keeps me on my toes never knowing what to expect from her. Not that I am not already but she makes me even more proud of my hair and skin color and also the fact that she represents Texas all the way to her core. I love the country music tone she has going in her song ‘Daddy Lessons’. Keep it going B! I need more visual in my life.

    1. Hey, Jen! Thanks for commenting on the post? You are soooo right! Bey is creative, artistic and she keeps you wondering all the time. I’m trying to tell people, you will never know the truth or the details of how it all went down. She’s an artist. That’s what they do…they express themselves through music. People are STILL talking about Lemonade. Her success is inspiring. She works hard.

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