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FAMILY AFFAIR: The Curry Family Covers the June Issue of Parents Magazine

Parents Mag 2Stephen Curry is not only known as the best basketball player in the NBA, with many achievements such as winning a NBA championship and MVP, he is also a family man. The 28-year-old is married to the love of his life – on-the-rise culinary artist and blogger, Ayesha Curry and their adorable daughters – Riley and Ryan.

In a recent interview with Parents Magazine, the lovebirds share the journey of their relationship (from dating to marriage), balancing career & family and their matching tattoos.

Check out some excerpts from the interview:

The couple explains how they first met in church as teenagers and how Stephen never asked Ayesha out on a date:

STEPHEN CURRY: I always had my eye on her, but I got a little shaken, for sure.

AYESHA CURRY: I wasn’t allowed to date in high school. We always laugh that we were both focused on God.

The couple eventually started dating, then engaged a few years later – here is how the proposal happened:

SC: It was in the same spot where we had our first kiss—in the driveway of my parents’ house in Charlotte.

AC: In the rain.

SC: Yeah, it was like The Notebook. The plan was to act like we were going to a family cookout. So we pulled up to the house, and I stopped in the middle of the driveway, got down on my knee, and went into my spiel. Little did I know the whole family was looking out the window, videotaping the moment.

Ayesha’s response when asked about putting her acting aspirations on hold to support Stephen’s NBA career:

AC: I was figuring out what my career path was going to be. Then shortly after we got married, I found out we were pregnant with Riley. She was a borderline honeymoon baby. So that became my next move. I struggled with that for a while.

Ayesha’s response when asked about the biggest surprise to becoming parents:

AC: The amount of stuff you get done in a day is insane. Like, what were we doing with our time before kids? I feel like I should have invented something. [Laughter.] Also, it’s an event to get all four of us out of the house at once. When we get in the car and we’ve brought everything and everybody has socks on, it’s like a dream come true.

When asked about their noticeable eye contact during one of Stephen’s games and the “sign” they use:

SC: We have a pregame ritual right before tip-off where I do a sign, and she does it back.

SC: Should I give it away?

AC: No. [Awkward pause.]

SC: We have matching tattoos.

AC: I guess he’s giving it away. [Stephen lifts his sleeve and reveals a tattoo on his left triceps of two arrows pointing at each other.] Why are you flexing your muscles?

SC: I have to show it. This signifies that the past is behind us and the future is in front of us, so we stay in the middle, in the moment. I smack my tattoo and she does the same.

AC: It’s a reminder for him to have fun. I never want him to forget that.

Their response when asked about their active social media presence and how they handle it as parents:

SC: We’ll just show each other a photo and ask, “Should I post this?” We know we’re in a different situation than most people, but we want to share stuff that’s meaningful and not have to be guarded. But there is a balance. We keep certain moments to ourselves, so it’s a memory just for us.

Ayesha’s response when asked what type of dad is Stephen:

AC: The thing I love about him is that he’s not too cool for school. He’ll get down on the floor and play with the girls. He’ll put on dress‑up clothes if he has to, and he’s very patient, which is something I’m not. We balance each other out.

Parents Mag 1

When asked about what they look forward to for their daughters:

SC: I think about the milestones from my childhood and what it will be like to watch our kids go through them. Taking Riley to her first day of school was a whirlwind. I can’t imagine what middle school is going to be like, and high school, and graduation. All those little checkpoints are going to be fun, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Watching our children go through those life experiences will be amazing.
Read the full interview HERE.

Get the digital copy of this issue and all the behind-the-scenes stuff via Texture!

What did you think of the interview? Do you think they are very mature for their age?


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