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3 Top Reasons Why I Love Graduation Season

Graduation 2016

Graduation and college seasons are in full effect! My social media timelines are full of graduation photos, events and parties. ‘Tis the season of adulthood is what I like to call it, because once you cross that stage, you have “graduated” into independence and the world of responsibility.

I actually had a toothache throughout my high school graduation. My classmates and the audience was pumped and loud and so was my tooth! Although I am not fond of that memory, I am still grateful and I ended up having a great day.

During my college graduation, I actually crossed the stage with my son baking in my belly. It’s memories like this that make me look back and say, “I came, I saw, I conquered,” which, by the way, was the motto for my high school class.

Here are my top 3 reasons of why I love graduation season:

1. Powerful Commencement Speeches:

There is nothing like a moving, goose-bumped commencement speech to get you encouraged and inspired. Graduations are super-charged and exciting! Who wants to sit thru a boring, dry commencement speech? Not me!

TV & film giant, Dr. Tyler Perry, delivered an astounding speech at Tuskegee University. He also received his first honorary doctorate. When you get a moment, check out his speech and how he used real-life analogies to connect with the graduates.

Here’s an excerpt from the speech:

“I want you to ask yourself this question today…

How Much Can My Foundation Hold?

As you think about that, I need to warn you, it takes a while to build a dream. Think about that when you get out there and you are faced with all kinds of challenges.

Whats in the well will come up in the bucket. Put some good stuff down in your well.”

2. A Different World

In my opinion, one of the best effective shows of the 90’s was “college life” show,  A Different World.

The show was centered around fictional college (Hillman) highlighting the college life of different students, with diverse personalities, backgrounds and ambitions. The HBCU-represented (Historically Black College & Universities) show gave young audiences hope and a burning need to go to college. I was so inspired, it was one of the reasons I decided to go. I was yearning to experience the college life as they did at Hillman.

On an episode of Centric TV’s Being, one of the show biggest stars, Jasmine Guy, stated the college enrollment at HBCU’s doubled during the time the show aired. The impact was absolutely amazing.

For the past few weeks, I have been watching episodes on Roku TV which brought back so many memories, including my first days of college life.

In honor of graduations and college season, daytime show host, Steve Harvey, invited the cast to discuss the ongoing impact of the show.

Steve Harvey pictured with the cast of 90's show, A Different World
Steve Harvey pictured with the cast of 90’s show, A Different World

Did you watch this show? Who were your favorite characters? Your favorite episode?

3. College Essentials

As mentioned above, going to college is all apart of the transition to becoming an adult. Get your stuff together young people!

– Make sure you have all your enrollment and financial paperwork in order. Don’t show up on campus without all the necessary information. Be prepared. First Lady Michelle Obama has been a advocate of young people not only going to college, but actually completing college. She stresses the importance of financial aid and being to apply yourself. Keep a binder or folder of all needed essentials for your first big day on campus!

– Stay in the dorms. Nothing says “college life” like staying in college housing or dormitories. Get the full throttle experience so you can have something exciting to talk about when you see your family or friends. Get that “Hillman” experience. For all my Different World viewers, what was the name of the housing unit the girls of Hillman lived in?

– Grab all the essentials you need to make your new place feel like home. You will definitely need a computer, note-taking supplies, a TV, cell phone, bedding, containers, bath essentials and more!

I remember shopping for all my goodies at Walmart and Target with my family…such a bittersweet moment.

Well, that’s all I have folks. I hope this post served you in the best way possible. If you need anymore advice, send me a direct tweet or an email and I will be happy to share any tips!

Do you have advice for new college students? Share them by commenting below. Knowledge is POWER!

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2016!


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  1. The college dorm was Gilbert Hall!
    My favorite episode was when the girls did the step routine for homecoming, fiyah!! My sister and I recorded that episode (on VHS) and replayed it over and over until we learned the routine!

    1. Yep, that’s right – Gilbert Hall! I love that episode too! I believe they were wearing yellow and black and Freddie had a hard time getting through the routine. Great episode.
      Thanks for your feedback!

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