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Maxwell – New Album – ‘Black Summers Night’ + Pre-Order Your Copy!

Maxwell - Black Summers Night

For years, the people have been waiting for a follow-up album from Neo-soul artist, Maxwell. We haven’t had a Maxwell album since 2009.

Maxwell’s newest project, Black Summers Night is the second installment of the ‘Black Summers’ trilogy and is scheduled to be released on July 1st. What a great way to start July, right?

The first single from the new album was Lake By The Ocean, and just days ago, he released the second single, 1990x. Check out the lyric video here.

Be sure to read Maxwell’s full Q&A about his new album. He gives all the inside information about the album’s birth.

Here’s the track list:

1. “All the Ways Love Can Feel” 

2. “The Fall” 

3. “Ill” 

4. “Lake by the Ocean” 

5. “Fingers Crossed” 

6. “Hostage” 

7. “1990x” 

8. “Gods” 

9. “Lost” 

10. “Of All Kind” 

11. “Listen Hear” 

12. “Night”

You can now pre-order the album from iTunes or Amazon!

All I can say is, I am so happy to have Maxwell back on the scene, he always leave traces of his timeless music.

I’m dying to know what you think! Share your “xpressions” below.


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