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Check Out Kelly Rowland’s New Girl Group from ‘Chasing Destiny’ + Listen to The New Single


Back in April, BET premiered the new docu-series with Kelly Rowland on her hunt to find a new girl group.

With the help of award winning choreographer, Frank Gatson, Rowland went to major cities across the US to find girls for the group. In the form of a singing reality show, each episode showed the girls going thru the trials and tribulations and eliminations to fight for a winning spot for the group.

As the series came to and end, Rowland crowned five young ladies with diverse personalities and backgrounds to be  apart of “the group.” Rowland stamped each girl with significant role/energy. To learn more about these ladies, click here.  Here are the group members’ names:

Gabby (19) – The rebel/rockstar

Shyann (19) -The energetic swag

Kristal (26) – The voice of reason (seasoned artist)

Ashly (26) – The soul

Brienna (22) – The eclectic vibes


L to R: Shyann (19), Ashly (26), Brienna (22), Gabby (19) and Kristal (26)


During the season finale, the new group performed in front of industry executives (including Rowland and Gatson) as a way to introduce the world to her new group. The girls performed their new single, “All of Us,” which had the audience vibing and rocking to the cohesiveness of the group. Check out the new single here:

Although an official name has not been announced, I call them the “Chasing Destiny ladies” so I can identify them.

You can download the single now via iTunes or Amazon.

Did you watch the show this season? What did you think? What about the girls they picked – did they make wise choices? Share your “xpressions” below.


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Photo Credit: Facebook – Chasing Destiny

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  1. JenB

    September 7, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    I just love these ladies. I love their look and how different they appear to be. Its a great mix especially in their voices. Kelly did an amazing job getting these ladies in one room and even more so picking them for her girl group. On top of everything, this song is hitting. I’ve listened like 4 times already. #RealTalk

    • Queen V

      September 7, 2016 at 1:32 pm

      Yes, Kelly and Frank Gatson did a great job assembling this group. They each bring something to the table that the audience loves – soul and edge! Thanks for your feedback, Jen!

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