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GUEST POST: Take A Load Off and Get Clean with ‘Cookies & Clean!’ Plus, Find Out How to Snag a 10% Discount!

Get a Clean Start and a Moment to Relax – Get ‘Cookies & Clean!’

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Blog Xpressions is a place of empowerment. A place to allow women to come and get inspired…encouraged. I love it when we can commit and start a business. Entertainment and lifestyle blogger, One Tuf Cookie, is here to tell us about her newest business venture – ‘Cookies & Clean.’ Plus, find out how you can score 10% off her services!

Cookies and Clean

Life can get super crazy and fast, especially in summer or during the winter break…the kids are home! They’re running a muck, making great big messes, eating everything in sight and doing all the wonderful things that kids do! The problem is, that life doesn’t get easier for you- it’s harder! You go to work, come home, clean colossal messes (some of which you didn’t have the energy to tackle yesterday-or the day before), multiplying laundry (oh the wonderful ventures of playing dress-up…), make dinner (likely something quick and guilt-bearing as a parent) and long for the luxury to “go to sleep” as opposed to having to “fall asleep” wherever your poor body caved in- all to do it again tomorrow…

Even if there are no little-ones running around, the heat and the cold nights does a great job of discouragement for doing chores around the house. Things pile up and procrastination sets in. The list of “ehh, I’ll get to that later,” can accumulate pretty quickly. It’s easy to get swamped.
So when the question is, “what to do?”-
The answer is get Cookies and Clean Housekeeping Services!
Being a full-time student and housewife, cleaning and organization became second nature. Looking to make extra income to help get through school, I decided to do something that brought accomplishment and serenity at the same time – cleaning! Nothing brings invitation to relax like a nice, clean house. Spreading the love, lifting loads and creating smiles everywhere has become driving motivation to serve up my best work- every time!
Cookies and Clean Housekeeping Services is a Houston-based housekeeping service that is standing by to save the day! Fairy Godmothers never come, but when you’ve got your hands full: housekeeping, grocery shopping, laundry and even lawn services, can be taken care of in a snap!
Plus, booking service dates before January 31, 2017 and mentioning “Blog Xpressions,” scores you 10% off! Shoot an email with, “Sweet New Years Deal” in the subject line to take advantage of this offer!
Get a clean start and…a moment to relax. Get Cookies and Clean! You’ll be glad you did! It’s our pleasure to serve you!


One Tuf Cookie

Entertainment/Lifestyle Blogger

One Tuf Cookie is a wife, mother, and a full time college student with a passion to just live life to the fullest!

MISSION STATEMENT: “Posting about squeezing the fun out of life because life is for the living!”





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