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GUEST POST: Going from Day to Night Makeup – Tips on How to Slay Both Looks

Day to Night Makeup

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation about how to go from work appropriate makeup to girl’s night out! We all love to wear makeup, but sometimes we want something a little more natural for work. We all have that one friend that will call at 3pm Friday afternoon saying, “girl, its Friday, where are we going for happy hour?” So, ladies, I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks to adding a little liner, deepen the crease and changing the lip!

Let’s GO!


Our Monday morning alarm goes off, we get up, get ready and then we apply our favorite powder, mascara, and a lipstick….my go-to look not so simple (ha ha). I go for my foundation, eyebrows, concealer, bronzer, highlight and lip! Yeah, that’s more like it! Although my go-to essentials require a couple more steps, I still keep it very light and natural. We always want to look awaken and approachable – not overly made up. First things first, after washing your face and applying moisturizer/primer, we can lightly fill in our brows with either an eyeshadow or a brow pencil.


Next step, apply your favorite foundation all over. I love using MAC Studio Fix Foundation or Clinique Stay-Matte (current fav). Then, apply your under eye concealer, set it with some loose powder, add bronzer and highlight. I love using Bobby Brown Highlighting Powder in Telluride.


My go-to everyday lip combo is MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner with Boy Bait Creamsheen Lipglass.

And off to work I go! Simple, but glam! Refer to my other blog posts to learn how to apply makeup flawlessly!

Day Glam
Day Glam


Now it’s FriYAY and it’s about to be jumpin’ at somebodies happy hour/lounge! Or maybe it’s date night for you and that special someone.


Some must haves in our makeup bag is a waterproof retractable eyeliner that’s perfect for the top or bottom! I love using MAC Waterproof Liner in the color squid. Always carry a touch-up powder like MAC Pro Longwear Powder, its amazing and like it says, long wearing! So once we’ve touch up our powder, added a little liner on the waterline, you can take a small smugger brush with some brown eyeshadow to give you that smokey under eye! You can stop here, but if you’re like me and love doing the most when going out with the girls, you can take MAC sh217 brush and their X9 Burgundy Palette taking a deep purple shadow and applying it to the crease to define it. Then, applying a shimmer color from the same palette, gives your eyes a beautiful pop for the night! Touch up the mascara and you can even use the same eye liner and apply a Smokey wing liner by smudging it out! You can keep the nice simple nude lip or add a red or deep color to lips! That always changes the appearance of any look you’re rocking!

And there you have it folks, your day to night look!

Night Glam
Night Glam

Remember ladies, let’s keep it simple in the day and save the fun for night! With these tips, you can bring out your inner goddess with any look!

Amanda Porter

Beauty Blogger

Amanda is a wife, mother and a makeup artist for one of the most respected cosmetics brand – MAC Cosmetics. When she’s not contributing her makeup advice, she’s “beating someone’s face for the gawds!”

MISSION STATEMENT: “My mission is to “bringing out your inner goddess.” I love making people feel beautiful and confident with and without makeup! Educating women and even men so they can first feel beautiful within their own skin and having the knowledge and skills to create any look they desire!”

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